Bachelor's Achieve Grant

You're eligible for a $6,000 grant—distributed evenly over 6 quarters—when you begin an eligible Bachelor of Science (BS) program between January and March 2013, pass your first course, and enroll in 7 or more credits in each quarter of the grant term.

Eligibility Requirements

How to apply for grant:

  1. Submit the Capella University online admission application. If you have already applied to Capella University, skip this step.
  2. Complete the Bachelor's Achieve Grant application.
  3. Once you are admitted to Capella, begin courses between January 7 and March 4, 2013.

Grant Application Deadline:
Apply before your course begins and no later than Monday, March 4, 2013. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Grant details

  1. The Bachelor's Achieve Grant can be applied only to a Bachelor of Science program in the School of Undergraduate Studies; see grant application for a list of eligible programs.
  2. The $6,000 grant will be applied to your Capella account equally over 6 consecutive quarters ($1000 per quarter) during the third week of each quarter. The first grant disbursement will follow the schedule below:
Start date Date of first grant disbursement
January 7, 2013 April 2013
February 4 or March 4, 2013 July 2013

You must pass your first course, which will start between January and March 2013, and be enrolled in 7 or more credits in order to receive this disbursement.


Call an enrollment counselor at 1-866-808-0865 to learn more about this grant opportunity and to explore Capella programs.

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