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The resources and links provided here furnish ESL/EFL (English as a Second Language/English as a Foreign Language) learners at Capella University with valuable information. We offer resources specifically for ESL learners.

  • Capella University ESL/EFL Writing Course 7092
  • Tutoring with Smarthinking ESL writing specialists
  • Web sites offering ESL/EFL information, interactive learning materials, and software.

esl/efl writing program course

Writing Program course 7092 – an advanced academic writing course specifically designed to introduce graduate-level writing to ESL/EFL learners at Capella University.

smarthinking esl/efl writing specialists

Smarthinking is a free, web-based tutorial service for Capella learners. Online professionals, or e-structors, at Smarthinking provide tutoring in a variety of subjects, including writing and English tutoring by ESL Writing Specialists for nonnative speakers or speakers of languages other than English. For more information and to learn how to register and set up a log in for site services, visit Smarthinking. (iGuide login required).

English as an International Language

Use these resources to help master the English language for use in a global community. Visit site.

ESL Partyland

This is truly a partyland of resources for both learners and teachers. Take special note of the resources for Business English. Visit site

esl/efl web links

The links below are geared for learners of English as a second language/foreign language, and anyone at any level of English language learning can benefit from the useful knowledge offered. You might notice that much of the information provided often overlaps, but some web sites offer very unique information and/or services and products. Presentation styles vary, too, just as learning styles vary. Since each person has his or her own preferences, we invite you to try out the links and find the one(s) right for you. To get you started, we have provided some information about each site with the link.

Purdue Online Writing Lab ESL Resources, Handouts & Exercises

Purdue's Online Writing Lab provides a variety of resources for ESL learners, including ESL-specific handouts, exercises, quizzes and links to other useful information/sites. Many other learning/writing centers around the world make reference to this web site and its resources. Purdue's OWL also provides a list of other popular ESL sites. Visit site.

Dave's ESL Café

Recognized and referenced by many other writing/ESL sites nationally and internationally, this site promotes itself as an "Internet Meeting place" for teachers and students interested in ESL. In addition to written resources, Dave's ESL Café offers an advice chat/discussion forum with conversations usually pertaining to proper English usage. Visit site.

Activities for ESL Students

A project of The Internet TESL Journal (, an online journal for Teachers of English as a Second Language, this site offers quizzes/tests, exercises, puzzles and other information for students and teachers. Some special features include bilingual quizzes and ESL pod casts. Visit site.

Self-described as a "one-stop learning resource for English and other languages," this site offers a language directory and information on schools as well as free materials and services, such as free English courses and learning resources with various games, lessons and learning tools for students and teachers around the world. It also provides an arena for discussion with chat forums, online post boards and a help line. Visit site.

English Daily

This is a fun site with a user-friendly homepage and simple links leading to chat/conversation for English help as well as to basic ESL topics, such as "Common Mistakes in English" and "TOEFL Vocabulary." It also links to information on idioms, American slang and English grammar. Visit site.


This is a very helpful site offering free online English lessons and ESL resources. It is user-friendly, covers a variety of in-depth information on English grammar and punctuation rules, and provides various useful dictionary links. Visit site.

The site has an appealing layout, is easy to navigate and provides key links for speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and idioms as well as TOEFL/TOEIC testing and business communication. Visit site.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

This site helps develop English language listening, speaking and comprehension skills. Visit site.

Yamada Language Center

Affiliated with University of Oregon and the American English Institute ( ), the Yamada Language Center provides helpful resources and links for students and teachers. The site offers innovative ways of learning English (and other languages as well) using various forms of new technology and multimedia. Visit site.

Interesting Things for ESL Students

Interesting Things for ESL Students offers word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, and language usage links and resources, including Podcasts. Visit site.

University Writing Center, George Mason University

(English Language Institute)
This university site provides interesting links to other informative ESL sites, online grammar guides and to its English Language Institute.

Marie Nuzzi's List of Valuable ESL Resources

This site lists over 180 current ESL sites, updated on a regular basis. Visit site.