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Knowledge is Power

Individual courses are a great way to earn additional credits toward licensure, grow your knowledge of a specific topic through continuing education, or expand your professional options.

Register for one of our recommended courses to earn or renew a license, credential or certification. You may be able to transfer the credits from a single course at Capella to your full-time school in order to help fulfill certain industry requirements.

Request information about Capella's counseling and psychology continuing education courses, and we will match you with an enrollment counselor who can help you enroll today.

Capella Licensure Support

Capella's licensure team research licensing requirements in all 50 states on a regular basis and has established relationships with state licensing boards and educator licensing offices. An Enrollment Counselor who specializes in your profession of interest will provide specific information about educational requirements for licensure in your state. Additionally, Capella's licensure team supports all graduates through the license application process. This type of specialized support is available throughout your program and after graduation, as you navigate changes in your career and life. Contact an Enrollment Counselor for help on understanding your state's licensure requirements or for more information on Capella's specialized support.