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Am I Ready to Succeed at Capella?

Test My Tech Readiness

You do not need to be a technology expert to successfully learn online at Capella, but you do need to be comfortable using a computer. Assess your tech readiness now to see if you have the right skills and equipment.
test my tech readiness
Assessment will take approximately 3-5 minutes

How it Works

Once you complete this assessment, you will receive results in 8 key areas related to your technical readiness.

COMPUTER TYPE Some computers are better for online learning than others. Is your computer the right one for the job?
COMPUTER AGE Newer computers have up-to-date operating systems and software, and typically run faster. Will your older computer hold you back?
COMPUTER ACCESS It is important to have unlimited access to a reliable computer. Do you compete with others for computer time?
INTERNET CONNECTION A reliable, fast Internet connection will help ensure your coursework is completed on time. Is your connection fast enough?
SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE You will use different types of software to do your coursework. What software applications are you comfortable using?
TYPING SKILLS Going back to school means you will often be writing papers. How fast a typist are you?
ONLINE LITERACY Being familiar with different online environments will make learning easier. How comfortable are you using the Internet?
ONLINE LEARNING EXPERIENCE Capella is different from many other online schools, but bringing previous online learning experience may help you get up to speed more quickly.
test my tech readiness
Assessment will take approximately 3-5 minutes