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Am I Ready to Succeed at Capella?

Assess My Time & Priorities

Succeeding at Capella means developing the skills to manage one of your most precious resources: time. Begin by evaluating how you spend your time, how you want to spend it, and if your time and priorities are in balance with each other.
Assessment will take approximately 3-5 minutes.

How it Works

Once you complete this assessment, you will receive results in 8 key areas related to managing your time and priorities.

SUPPORT How much support do you have? Chances are you will need a little extra help while attending school.
SCHEDULE We all have busy schedules. Is there room in your schedule for school?
LEISURE Adding coursework to your plate can impact your free time.
STUDY HABITS The way you choose to study can impact the amount of time it takes to finish coursework. Are you using your time wisely?
STUDY ENVIRONMENT Do you have a quiet place to study? Your environment can impact the time it takes to complete your coursework.
PRIORITIES What is most important to you in your life, and where does your education fit?
PLANNING How good are you at planning ahead? It is a good idea to have a plan when you are starting a degree program.
ORGANIZATION Your organization system is a big help to keeping you on track with your coursework.