Why? The commitment.

by | August 4, 2008

Which begs the question. Why?
Why would anyone want to run 26.2?
Training takes time, nearly every day, and for several months.
It is physical hard work. And mental hard work.

There are internal and external reasons.
The point is, those reasons are yours and are valid.

For me, running a marathon was a way to become healthy, to manage my diabetes. It was also a commitment and a challenge. Could I really do it? And, quite frankly, I was more worried about fundraising than accomplishing the marathon. ( I accomplished my fundraising goal, too).
My second marathon was to continue managing my diabetes and to support 2 others who wanted to accomplish the distance.

My decision to seek a PhD was a career move within an organization. Job descriptions were posted with ‘PhD preferred’ but there were not enough PhDs to fill those positions.
My goals changed while in the program. As the organization changed, those positions were less and less desirable.

What is your motivation? Commitment?
What might derail your commitment? What is your responsibility to your learning and growth?