Family support—understanding the commitment.

by | November 3, 2008

When you run an endurance run like a marathon, it is very nice/helpful to know family and friends are on the sidelines, cheering you on. And hopefully at a couple of different places along the way. You look forward and anticipate seeing them. Its an indicator of the miles you’ve already trod.
Even knowing your work colleagues are cheering you on from a distance gave me support. (I run slow enough to think about lots of things.)

Who do you have on your sidelines?
Throughout my training, I was lucky. My partner trained with me. My dog ran most of the training miles with me.
These days, my dog is getting on in years, so I don’t take her for long runs. She is not happy, nor understanding on Saturday mornings.
My work colleageus would ask about my weekend. The running colleagues understood the focus and training effort.

Training is pretty much a daily activity. I ran right after work. If there were family or friends activities, it happened after the run. My time with family and friends was shortened. after one event, one of our friends said ‘

Long runs: Saturday’s were focused on getting the run in. Weekend family activities were scheduled after; the family knew that we might be tired and need to leave early.

With Work travel commitments, I scheduled my long runs and training runs so that I could get them in while I traveled. It was sometimes difficult.

Family, friends and other commitments may be a challenge during training for an endurance event as well as during a doctoral journey. Yes, you have priorities. During this doctoral journey, sometimes the priorities need to understand that you are not available.

Where does your doctoral journey fall in your list of priorities? Why?

Some personal activities may need to be set aside for the period of time that is your doctoral journey, so that you can focus your effort. Its a hard decision, but focusing time on a doctoral journey is critical to accomplishing your goals.

‘I need to write’ was a common refrain while I was working on my dissertation. It got me out of those things I didn’t want to do, but it also impinged on those things I wanted to do, and didn’t so I could focus.

Critically reflect on extracurricular activities. What can be set aside for a period of time?
Family support is crucial–in multiple ways. Consider that You will not make all those family events. Help them understand why.

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