In the Midst of Everything

by | December 10, 2008

The end of the quarter is sneaking its way toward you. In the dissertation phase this demarcation may take on a different energy, such as: do you focus your efforts to add the finishing touches to your work in order to send it to your mentor? Or do you spread your efforts out over the break so you can submit when the new quarter begins?

You might think, if the world could stop turning for a day or two, the wave of momentum would continue and you would be a happy (and accomplished) camper. The suspension of time would allow you to continue without having to experience the effects of time passing through a day. Quite the fantasy.

Though it may seem like it, going-going-going like the bunny that runs on super batteries isn’t always the best approach. Our minds need to rest in order to flourish. Although it is frustrating to feel unable to get ideas across or that whatever we want to do isn’t going our way, remembering that everything in life is a process gives us permission to let go – to let the dust settle, regroup, and once again, forge ahead.

Allowing oneself to use downtime to rejuvenate the mind can ultimately lead to something not have thought of before — putting things on our own back burner creates a rich and abundant stew of innovation. Releasing notions of what should be today might lead to a discovery beyond your wildest dreams.

How do you re-fuel? Do you take the time for rejuvenation? If not, give it try and be open to the possibilities.

3 Responses to "In the Midst of Everything"

  1. Sasha Albino says:

    Intriguing article. I know I’m a little late in posting my comment but the article was to the point and just the information I was looking for. I can’t say that I agree with all you mentioned but it was emphatically fascinating! BTW…I found your site through a Google search. I’m a frequent visitor to your blog and will return again soon.

  2. Sheryl Hess says:

    Hello Sasha.

    Thank you for frequenting our blog. I’m glad the information was what you were looking for.

    Honestly, I have discovered through my work with learners and my own dissertation experience, if you don’t allow your mind and body to rest occasionally, burn-out is likely. And it takes longer to recover from burn-out than to rejuvenate along the way. After all, if there’s no ‘gas in your tank’, it’s going to be a short trip.

    No one takes care of you, but yourself. So be kind to yourself and realize any steps you make in progress, no matter how small, are still steps of progress.

    All the best to you!

  3. Dierdre Tannous says:

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