Demystifying writing

by | March 13, 2009

Capella’s writing center offers many tools to help writers in all stages of the process, from generating ideas to polishing small details in a final draft. As all Schools at Capella write in APA format, the Writing Center has resources to help the writer compose in APA format.

It can be so easy to see APA as little more than a method for putting in internal citations that link to a reference page, but the editorial style can really provide much more.

For specific example, the five levels of headings is a great tool to use when organizing writing during the outlining stages.

To learn more about using APA as more than a citation tool, go to Under “Jump To,” click on “APA Style & Formatting”

For more details on composing an annotated bibliography in APA editorial style, click on “annotated bibliography”

These resources can help to take the mystery out of APA.

5 Responses to "Demystifying writing"

  1. Dee says:

    Can I send in my paper that I have started and someone can help me with it?

  2. Lynn Riskedal says:


    Please use the tutoring suggestions and services outlined on the Writing Center page. IGuide3 > Resources > Graduate Writing Center > Tutoring.

    You might also find a local person ( graduate student/English faculty) to help you. That person needs to understand academic writing.

    Know that writing the comprehensive exams, there is no help allowed.

  3. Dr Stone Shiflet says:

    Yes, and I am excited to see you working to get feedback; all writers can grow from feedback, and our service, provided by Smarthinking, is a leader in graduate tutoring.
    To get started, go to
    Click on the first link under ‘resources’ in the middle of that page–called Tutoring.
    Follow the steps to make a smarthinking account.
    Once you set up your account, follow their prompts for paper submissions, noting that, in the spaces provided, you can ask specific questions for your tutors to answer and examine within your paper.
    You have 20 hours to use as a learner, and if you run out of those hours, contact your advisor, and your account will be reloaded.
    This service is free of charge as long as you are enrolled at Capella.
    I hope this information helps, and happy writing!
    Dr Stone Shiflet, Coordinator, Writing Across the Curriculu, Capella.

  4. Karen Carter-Harvey says:

    Can you point me to some resources for the format for annotated bibliographies?