Characteristic of an accomplished doctoral learner

by | October 19, 2009

Tenacious: defines it as

They could have said ‘almost completed with dissertation’ as an example.

I think this is the one characteristic that any PhD learner needs.

Thing is, the character of “tenacious” needs to be directed mostly inward.

When it is focused outwards, there tends to be a clash. No need to get stubborn or obstinate with the folks trying to move you forward. Persistance may be required in asking questions for clarification. Ask yourself the question: What is keeping me from moving forward? Your mentor and your advisor DO want you to move forward. They are on your side.

Most people would see words like “stubborn” and “obstinate” as negative.

When turned inward, towards your own actions, obstinate and stubborn are good. How can you be stubborn about moving forward and not letting something get in your way? What are the short term goals to accomplish this degree? What do you need to do after that? then after that?

I like the concept of adhesive or sticky.
What is sticking to you?
What are you sticking with? Is it the right thing to stick with?

What are you allowing to pull you away from your work on a dissertation? How can you be tenacious and stick to your tasks?

What is your one characteristic that is needed to accomplish a doctoral program?

2 Responses to "Characteristic of an accomplished doctoral learner"

  1. Brenda Hawkey says:

    Tenacious is the very I used to describe myself early in my doctoral journey and it holds today. Dictionary definitions clarify the meaning of words. For tenacious as it describes a characteristic of a learners personality—it simply means having the fortitude and sustainability to see it through to success. It is an inward quality that takes direction at appropriate times. .

    • Lynn Riskedal says:

      Thanks for sharing, Brenda. Tenacious IS a good word for describing the characteristic to get through the journey. Thanks for confirming!