Becoming. Developing.

by | March 8, 2010

“Becoming” is a key word for anyone in a doctoral program. One Becomes a Scholar. One Becomes a PhD.

“Developmental” is a collollary to “Becoming.”

Becoming is a process of seeking a desired state. It requires change and growth.
Developmental is growth, building upon a foundation of knowledge so that one can take the next step.

In order to become, one needs to develop skills, to deepen knowledge. One needs to develop.

Writing is developmental.
No matter what one’s skills are, writing can be improved. Academic writing is difficult. Most of us need to work on developing these skills.

Communication skills are developmental.
The ability to express an idea in a clear, concise manner.
The ability to develop an argument and articulate those points. It is an essential skill to respectfully and substantively express ideas with someone who is seen as an expert in the field.

Building one’s career and seeking a job is developmental.
A job hunt is most effective when one has engaged in multiple activities, such as networking and involving others in this process.

Knowledge is developmental.
One builds a foundation of knowledge and uses that knowledge to build new knowledge and understanding….moving into the higher orders of thinking.
That said, critical thinking is developmental. One cannot analyze, synthesize, evaluate until one knows something and understands that something.

Coursework is designed to help learners develop knowledge in the process of becoming.
Coursework is designed to help learners develop their writing and communication skills.

As a doctoral learner, you are responsible for engaging in your coursework and to develop these skills.

Resources are provided to help you in your journey to become a PhD.
Doctoral learners need to realize they need the resources, then USE the resources.

What does it take to become?


( and keep on practicing and reflecting!)

4 Responses to "Becoming. Developing."

  1. Susan White says:

    What I love about Capella University is that we all can succeed and it’s not dependent on university politics or the research interests of another professor. I am very grateful for this learning model, I’m not perfect, I’ve had to retake some courses but in the process, I became more aware of my limitations and strengths. Thinking black and white isn’t expansive enough for us. We can do this and our contributions are extremely valuable, we will pass our courses and complete our research and make a great contribution in our way. I believe in you and I’m grateful for Capella. I even have a different perspective on my financial obligations to repay loans post graduation, I feel like it is a “house” payment that I’ve built for my career and future. It’s all GOOD! Sincerely, Susan White

  2. Lynn Riskedal says:

    Reflection of ones’ limitations and strengths will make you stronger in the long run. Along with your good attitude towards learning and building your career and future.

    Keep on Becoming! Keep on Developing!


  3. Velena Lenston says:

    Thank you! The title “Becoming. Developing” got my attention. I’ve recently signed up to “Become”. I must say, it is a lot to take in, but I believe that “Developing” along with hard work and preparation is key. Again, thank you for such encouraging words. Sincerely, Velena Lenston

    • Lynn Riskedal says:

      Best wishes as you start your journey in becoming. Hard work, looking ahead and preparing will serve you well.