Colloquia: How do you pronounce it?

by | August 24, 2010

Colloquia – what are they and how do you pronounce the word? Learners laugh with me often about the funny ways we try to pronounce the word “colloquia.” More serious are the talks I have with learners about their plans to attend colloquia in the first half of their program. Too often I hear learners lament that they are almost done with their courses, anticipating moving into their comprehensive exam, and yet they have not attended their required colloquia. These can be painful conversations for learners on multiple levels. First, they have missed opportunities to gain program and transformational insights from attending colloquia at recommended times. Second, they are often left scrambling to take time off from work and fund several trips to colloquia all in one quarter. Third, they hit a roadblock to moving forward in their programs because they cannot move into comps until they have completed all colloquia.

I urge you to attend colloquia in the recommended timeframe. Don’t miss out on networking early with fellow learners and faculty, putting faces with the names, and connecting with the Capella community. You stay on track in your program, benefiting from discussions and resources relevant to specific milestones along the way. Learners who attend Track 1 a year into their program tell me that they wish they had gone sooner.

Follow this link to review colloquia track attendance guidelines:

Don’t wait to connect the dots in your program. Timely colloquia attendance engages you with doctoral competencies and keeps you on track to the comprehensive exam.

Are you on track to attend your next colloquium? How do you pronounce it? Every now and then I still stumble over the word. “Collikalique?” Let’s say it together – colloquium (kə-lō-kwē-əm). Oh, we know what we mean.

2 Responses to "Colloquia: How do you pronounce it?"

  1. Jasoda Dunkley says:

    Starting this program means alot to me. Returning to school after 9 years is even more difficult, however, ready or not, i am starting. After reading the above comment, i am confident that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am excited to start, and hope that we can all reach out and help each other when neccessary.
    Thank you

  2. Lian Partlow says:

    Hi Jasoda,

    I am glad that you have taken that first step back into school. Your advice is on target: reach out and help each other when necessary. Developing a supportive community contributes to academic success along the doctoral journey. I met fellow students at the start of my program, shared challenges with them as we progressed, and laughed with them when we needed to see the humor in our situations. Although the doctoral journey is unique for each individual, you are not alone in your program. Take advantage of the many resources at Capella, including academic advising.