Ask Doctoral Advising, Where have we been?

by | March 21, 2012

Good morning friends, colleagues, and readers!

You may have noticed the past six months has been rather sparse in terms of our new material. In late 2011, the chief authors and principle architects of the blog began to reassess our content, approach, display, mission, purpose and function. Today, you’re probably noting some important visual and audio changes, but I’d like to share some further insights to how we reached these decisions. After reviewing the August 2008 – December 2011 material, we reached some important conclusions:

(1) Our mission and purpose has been to prepare students for a more successful doctoral program at Capella. We believe this is still relevant and remains our passion, however, our readership has extended beyond Capella programs and we believe our core purpose is to provide practices and strategies that serve doctoral students in general.

(2) We have given greater consideration to how our information is delivered and how you, the people, are being heard. Has the content responded to your needs? Has there been an opportunity for you to be heard? We reached the conclusion that a great deal has changed since 2008. Pursuing a doctorate is increasingly difficult and while we believe a great deal of past advice remains relevant, we think it is important to acknowledge, your needs have changed. It is our responsibility to learn more about those needs and essential that we are diligent in giving attention to such detail.

(3) We also witnessed some interesting technology accelerators since starting our blog. Our feed to Facebook suggests that our work is being read by that community more than on the blog site itself. Further, the mobile revolution continues with tablets and greater mobile phone capability than ever before. We saw these new technologies as an opportunity to rethink our method and reached the conclusion that our current offering is too “flat”. This too we view as an exciting new opportunity to develop and contrast how we teach about doctoral education.

In the coming months, we plan to fully unveil our re-envisioned effort. We welcome your thoughts/recommendations/petitions. In the coming weeks, my colleagues and I will post again to help elaborate on changes made and our plans for continuing this social experiment in doctoral preparedness.

One Response to "Ask Doctoral Advising, Where have we been?"

  1. Deborah Johnson says:

    I want to commend you for being open and flexible to the ongoing technological innovations and the feedback of your students.
    Since I am currently considering a doctoral degree and looking seriously at Capella Univeristy, this is quite meaningful information.