Is the Dissertation Writer’s Retreat for me?

by | April 29, 2012

Podcast Description: Learn about the Dissertation Writer’s Retreat and how participating in the 5-day event can assist you in writing your dissertation. The retreat offers a distraction-free environment and opportunities for feedback on your work from Writing Program faculty.

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Welcome to another topic in a series of podcasts regarding aspects of the comprehensive exam and dissertation process.

Writing a dissertation presents challenges, ranging from scheduling time to work without the distractions of job and family to finding the quiet physical space to concentrate. Some learners make great initial progress on their dissertation, but then lose momentum as time goes on. Others find they need to step back and gather input from peers and dissertation experts to strengthen the quality of their writing.

The Dissertation Writer’s Retreat is a five-day retreat offering several things to advanced doctoral learners. The Retreat is a place to write, a place to focus, a place to re-energize free from distractions, and a place to gather input and to strengthen their understanding about putting together a research proposal. In addition, learners have the opportunity to network, receive support, and enjoy one-to-one coaching.

At the Retreat, you can choose your own schedule and activities. In your private room, you have the opportunity to experience uninterrupted time to read, reflect, and write. You’ll also have opportunities to consult with expert staff including librarians, Writing Program faculty, and research methodologists, who are there to assist you and answer questions. You are able to schedule individual appointments with the Writing Program faculty throughout the week to share drafts of your work and gain insight into strategies to improve the quality of your academic writing. Larger group sessions include an overview of writing tools and a library session regarding databases in the Capella library.

If you have completed your comprehensive exam, have an approved dissertation topic, and are working with your mentor, you are eligible to take advantage of the opportunity.

If your home and place of work are not conducive to thinking and writing, the Dissertation Writer’s Retreat may be just what you need. There is more information about the Retreat available on iGuide.

Remember, you bring unique circumstances to your doctoral journey. Follow-up with your doctoral advisor for clarification and additional information about the dissertation process.

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