How do I nominate a dissertation committee?

by | April 29, 2012

Podcast Description: Access information on the dissertation committee and how to nominate committee members.

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Welcome to another topic in a series of podcasts regarding aspects of the comprehensive exam and dissertation process. The dissertation committee has overall responsibility for providing content, technical, organizational, ethical, and administrative guidance during the dissertation writing process. Your dissertation committee members work collaboratively with the mentor (also known as the committee chair) to support and guide you as you write your capstone project.

Committee members also evaluate your dissertation proposal and entire manuscript to ensure that the work meets rigorous academic standards for quality and that you meet the guidelines for ethical research, academic honesty, and academic writing.

To this end, the dissertation committee should form a collective of subject matter
and methodological experts that coincide with the topic under investigation and the
methods proposed.

The committee members must hold doctorates and possess extended knowledge and experience to provide guidance and proper scholarly oversight in either the subject area of the dissertation or the research methodology used in the dissertation work. You are encouraged to work with your mentor to identify committee members who will be a good fit for your committee.

Dissertation committees in all schools at Capella University are typically composed of three members. Your Committee Chair serves as your dissertation mentor and is a Capella University faculty member from your school and area of specialization. Requirements related to the remaining two committee memberships vary by school. Consult the Dissertation Manual or talk with your academic advisor for school specific requirements.

Faculty biographies are available on iGuide. You also can do a Google search to learn more about the person. Work with your advisor to identify faculty who are available.

Once you have identified a few faculty members who would serve you and your project well, send an email that introduces yourself and your research interest. Also, share the name of your dissertation mentor, and include why you would like this faculty member to serve on your committee. Ask for an RSVP deadline.

Once you have successfully found at least two available faculty members–who have accepted your invitation–go to iGuide and complete and submit the Dissertation Committee Nomination form. You will receive an email notifying you that your nomination has been approved or denied.

Please be aware that the School will make the final decision regarding approval or denial of dissertation committees. A faculty member’s agreement to serve on the committee does not guarantee approval by the school.

Remember, you bring unique circumstances to your doctoral journey. Follow-up with your doctoral advisor for clarification and additional information about the dissertation process.

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