What is the role of the dissertation mentor?

by | April 29, 2012

Podcast Description: In order to navigate the dissertation writing process, you will need to work closely with your dissertation mentor. Learn more about your mentor’s role in this podcast.

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Welcome to another topic in a series of podcasts regarding aspects of the comprehensive exam and dissertation process.

Learners in the dissertation process at Capella are supported by a network of faculty and university staff. This network includes the mentor, the dissertation committee, and a team of university support staff, including the learner’s advisor. Learners tend to be most satisfied with their dissertation experience when members in their support network work together in an active and coordinated manner.

Your dissertation mentor, as chair of your dissertation committee, is primarily responsible for guiding you through the development of the proposal and supervising your research project. Your mentor will provide both academic and administrative guidance (with the assistance of the advisors and university support staff) on each stage of the dissertation process from proposal development to the final dissertation completion conference call.

In addition, your mentor will manage the tasks of the committee (for example, negotiating approval of the research topic with the committee, assisting the learner in interpreting suggested proposal revisions from other committee members, chairing the proposal and final dissertation completion conference calls, and submitting all required documents and materials to the university support staff and/or the school’s designee immediately following the proposal and dissertation completion conferences).

Your mentor is a crucial support person in your dissertation process. Your mentor will advise you of Capella University standards for scholarship in the design and completion of doctoral research. He or she is responsible for clearly communicating the expectations of the University and the School concerning procedures for completing the dissertation research project and the doctoral degree.

Your mentor will examine your work and give you constructive feedback to ensure that your study is of high quality.

Finally, your mentor has successfully navigated the dissertation writing process and will be able to offer you knowledge drawn from a career doing research, teaching, or consulting. Trust your mentor. Update your mentor on your progress. Ask questions. Seek your mentor’s knowledge and expertise.

Remember, you bring unique circumstances to your doctoral journey. Follow-up with your doctoral advisor for clarification and additional information about the dissertation process.

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