When do I finally get to collect my data for my dissertation?

by | April 29, 2012

Podcast Description: Learners look forwarding to beginning data collection for the dissertation, but before they can collect any data, learners must complete a rigorous review of their proposed research.

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Welcome to another topic in a series of podcasts regarding aspects of the comprehensive exam and dissertation process.

A dissertation demonstrates, among other abilities, that you can design and complete a research study of a fairly narrow topic. By the time you complete a dissertation, you are going to be an expert in that very narrow area.

But before that happens, you must complete the research. One very basic rule that all dissertation learners must remember: no research can be started and no data can be collected until after the Capella IRB has given its approval to your application–which means that it is also giving approval to your research study and its design.

The IRB review process has several purposes, including making sure that research subjects are going to be properly protected. It is a rigorous process that will examine everything from how you are recruiting your study participants to the various consent and assent forms that you might be required to use. The IRB application and review will also focus on such issues as the privacy and confidentiality of the participants, the potential benefits and risks to the participants, and any conflict of interest issues that might show up. In addition, the proposed research design will be scrutinized.

After your IRB application has been approved, you will hold a conference call with your mentor and committee in which you will discuss and defend your proposal. During that conference call, your committee members might have comments or questions that focus on revisions made during the IRB application process.

Once you satisfactorily complete the proposal conference call, you will be able to begin your research. If you are going to recruit participants, you can begin that process. Depending upon your research design, you might be able to collect data in a relatively short time, or you might find you need to collect data for months.

No matter what your research design looks like, you cannot collect data until after you have received IRB approval and have completed your proposal defense call.

Remember, you bring unique circumstances to your doctoral journey. Follow up with your doctoral advisor for clarification and additional information about the dissertation process.

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