I have collected and analyzed data for my dissertation, now what?

by | April 29, 2012

Podcast Description: Once you finish your data collection for your dissertation, you are ready to make that final push to complete your dissertation.

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Welcome to another topic in a series of podcasts regarding aspects of the comprehensive exam and dissertation process.

Once you complete your data collection and analysis, you are certainly on the downhill slope to completing your dissertation. That is when you finally get to write about your results. Your Chapter 4 is going to describe how you processed and analyzed your data, and you are finally going to be able to answer the research questions that you worked so hard to polish.

With your mentor’s approval of Chapter 4—which is the completion of Milestone 8—you will also reach another important step in your doctoral program. At this point, you will be able to submit your application for graduation. Approval of your graduation application will also mean that you are eligible to attend a commencement ceremony. Ceremonies are held each March and August. Watch the Graduation and Commencement website on iGuide for specific deadlines and sites of the next ceremonies. Deadlines for participating may be several months earlier than the actual ceremony.

After your mentor approves Chapter 4, you will be able to move forward on Chapter 5, where you will share your conclusions and recommendations for future research. And then you are going to go back to Chapters 1, 2, and 3 to change tenses, revise, update, and edit those chapters as needed. That is also a good time to check your APA style throughout the dissertation and to make sure that you are following Capella’s formatting guidelines.

The next step is your mentor’s approval of the full dissertation, or Milestone 9. The mentor will then forward your dissertation to the committee for its approval. In most schools, but not all, the full dissertation will also be sent to the school for its approval. Once those approvals are in place, you will submit your dissertation for format editing to ensure that your dissertation meets APA and Capella University format guidelines.

One more important step remains after your format editing is complete—your conference call with your committee to defend your dissertation. After you have successfully completed that conference call, you will have completed Milestone 13. This milestone is a great accomplishment, yet you still have several steps remaining.

Your mentor will need to submit the Milestone 14 completion form—which will show that the final dissertation manuscript has been approved. You will upload your dissertation for publication, which is Milestone 15, and at that point your work is done. Milestone 16 is when you will receive the dean’s final approval for your dissertation. If you have applied for graduation, the Records and Processing Office will do a final graduation check, and will notify you when your degree has been conferred. At this point, when you have received official notification, you may call yourself, “doctor.”

Remember, you bring unique circumstances to your doctoral journey. Follow up with your doctoral advisor for clarification and additional information about the dissertation process.

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