Read, Listen, Get Involved

by | May 30, 2012

Welcome to the revised/revamped and renewed “Ask Doctoral Advising” blog.

Yes, the blog certainly has a fresh look, but it also provides many additional resources. If you take a look just over to the right of this entry, you will notice that we have a number of podcasts to help you figure out some of the issues around both the comprehensive exam and the dissertation. If you just failed one or more of your comps questions, for example, you might find the podcast “How should I approach a rewrite of my comprehensive exam?” to be helpful in getting you through the rewrite process.

Or, if you are sometimes a bit frustrated that your mentor does not seem to be able to read 100 pages of your proposal or full dissertation overnight and get it back to you, perhaps you should listen to the podcast “How does my mentor read my dissertation?”

In addition, we have archived blog posts about a variety of topics that we advisors deal with daily and we know that those in dissertation encounter regularly. Blog posts address topics ranging from dealing with your fear of your mentor, overcoming your fear of writing, wondering whether you should get out of the program, and examining the difference between achievement and entitlement. But, those are blog posts already archived on this site. We will keep adding to the blog.

We use our communications with our advisees to help inform us about the topics that concern you and the questions you have. We also use our communications with your mentor and committee members to write about topics, including the expectations that mentors and mentees have of each other.

If you look just above this entry, you will see that a Discussion Board is a part of our revised blog. Please register for the board and join in the discussions about the comprehensive exam and dissertation process. Bring your questions and share your strategies.