What Can I Do While Waiting for Research Plan or Dissertation Feedback or Approval?

by | September 17, 2012

As a dissertation advisor, I receive many messages from dissertators sharing their frustration and anxiety while they wait for feedback or approval of their submissions. Here’s a few activities to keep you moving forward:

1. If you are waiting for feedback on your Research Plan, continue to review the literature.

2. Move content from the Research Plan to appropriate dissertation chapters.

3. Crosscheck all in-text citations with your Reference page. Make sure everything you cite in the text is present in your Reference section.

4. Read every word out loud. You can quickly catch typos, clunky sentences, and other problems in grammar, usage, and mechanics when you read your work aloud.

5. Lay out the chapter headings and subheadings for your Methodology, Data Analysis, and Results, Recommendations, and Conclusion.

6. Write your Acknowledgments and Dedication.

7. Depending where you are in dissertation, work on the next task in front of you. If you’re waiting for feedback on the Research Plan, start probing the Research at Capella site and learn about the IRB process.

8. Secure site approval(s) to ensure your ability to gather data.