2013 PhD Dissertation Changes!

by | December 1, 2012

Hello, Dissertation Learners!

I am happy to echo the news of the great changes to your dissertation experience. Here’s just five of the excellent updates designed to foster your success in your goal of holding the PhD:

1. Beginning 2013, you will be registered in 9960, instead of 9920/99xx. The new courseroom will have a coursework feel to it. Make sure you learn about the changes and resources here at the Dissertation Page on iGuide.

2. Also make sure you understand the new, renumbered milestones. Click here to learn more via an easy to follow, interactive, step-by-step path. Click the X to access the timeline.

3. Make sure you go into the 9960 courseroom the first week of every quarter and complete your action plan for the term. That is, identify what you want to accomplish for the quarter. This is very important to do.

4. Learn about the ePortfolio and how to use it. This tool will enable you save all of your documents and materials from quarter to quarter.

5. You’ll also find the new Dissertation Manual.

Lastly, read every email coming from the University. The changes are excellent, and we don’t want you to miss them or not take advantage of them!