Courseroom/Milestones They Are A-Changin’

by | December 18, 2012

As you have all have heard many times since late summer, the milestone process is changing. But the new dissertation courseroom is going to better help you see what the new milestone process looks like.

When you get into the new courseroom in January, you will notice that you will need to complete 10 units. Every unit contains one or more milestones – and those who have been in dissertation for some time will already have completed some of the units. You might be able to complete a unit within the space of one quarter – but units do not have to be completed within the space of one quarter. Some units might take a couple of quarters, or a few weeks into a second quarter, to complete.

For example, Unit 2 in the courseroom is where you begin to work on the Research Plan (formerly known by many as the SMR), which has two parts to it. The first part requires you to work with the mentor to get topic approval (the first two parts of the Research Plan form). Once topic approval is in place, then you complete the rest of the Research Plan and get mentor approval. At that point you will have completed Milestone 3 and will be able to move onto the next unit.

Not only does the unit tell you which milestone(s) you need to work on within that unit, but it also helps you understand your responsibilities and your mentor’s role. You will see that the information contained within each unit provides more clarity and structure for each of the milestones.

Each unit will guide you through the subsequent milestones. Again, you will remain in that unit for as many weeks or as many quarters as needed to complete the unit. Only then will you move on to the next unit with that milestone or group of milestones.

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