Feeling stuck? Welcome to the crowd!

by | March 15, 2013

At some point every working day, one of my advising colleagues or I will have a conversation with one of our advisees in which the learner says that s/he is feeling stuck. And then a large percentage of these learners add that IF they were attending a university built of bricks and mortar with sidewalks and a student center, then they would not be stuck.
We advisors routinely tell them that the stuck part is not related to being an online university. The stuck feeling is universal to learners who are beginning to move from the structure of coursework to that part of their doctoral journey where they begin to work on the dissertation. Many of my advisees tell me that they never understood how hard the dissertation would be.
The Chronicle of Higher Education published this item on Friday, March 15, 2013, that gives you a good look at the stuck feeling across institutions. http://chronicle.com/article/A-Common-Time-to-Get-Stuck/137851/. See if those themes resonate with you.