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In the Midst of Everything

December 10, 2008

The end of the quarter is sneaking its way toward you. In the dissertation phase this demarcation may take on a different energy, such as: do you focus your efforts to add the finishing touches to your work in order … Continue reading

Lessons of Discovery

November 26, 2008

Depending on what stage we are in our lives, we can sometimes feel like we ought to know more about who we are or how to live. We may even berate ourselves for making the same mistakes, or for just … Continue reading

Routine … a blessing and a curse

November 12, 2008

We would be lost without some kind of structure in our life. Hopefully we don’t take any structure too seriously so it runs us rather than providing boundaries in which to function. I find routine fascinating, especially when tasks become … Continue reading

Negative progress: Is there such a thing?

October 6, 2008

There may be times when you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not making any progress – similar to a retrograde; moving or tending backward. Even though this is frustrating, there is value in the experience – really.

Connecting the dots

September 8, 2008

Over the last twenty years, technology has reorganized how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn. We derive our abilities by forming connections between things – chaos states that the meaning exists – the learner’s challenge is to … Continue reading