Developing a Dissertation Strategy

September 10, 2012

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you rely on your past successes to determine your future means of action? How often do we utilize a task utilizing an approach that is known to us, only to find … Continue reading

Explaining Your Dissertation to Amelia Bedelia

August 13, 2012

As a child, I felt a wicked sense of glee when I read Amelia Bedelia books. Amelia Bedelia is a housekeeper who takes all instructions literally. If asked to draw the curtains, she pulls out a sketch pad and etches … Continue reading

Kindling Inspiration and Passion When You Feel like the Dissertation is Defeating You

July 24, 2012

It’s important to your success to maintain a holistic perspective throughout the dissertation journey, especially in those moments when you feel defeated. Frustration and fatigue are encoded in the dissertation production’s DNA, but so are inspiration and passion. All too … Continue reading

All By Myself: fighting off loneliness in the doctoral process

July 2, 2012

I used to partner with a particular faculty member to present a colloquium session on juggling life and one’s doctoral program. I really loved a metaphor she used; she would compare dissertating in a world full of non-doctoral learners to … Continue reading

Efficient Dissertation Writing; or, How to Negotiate the A+ Mentality

June 25, 2012

Many learners who reach the dissertation stage struggle with the pursuit of perfection, or what I call the “A+ mentality.” They have a number of personal and professional accomplishments under their belts, including high GPAs. They have received praise from … Continue reading