Success Strategies

Explaining Your Dissertation to Amelia Bedelia

August 13, 2012

As a child, I felt a wicked sense of glee when I read Amelia Bedelia books. Amelia Bedelia is a housekeeper who takes all instructions literally. If asked to draw the curtains, she pulls out a sketch pad and etches … Continue reading

Five Dissertation Completion Strategies

August 7, 2012

Here’s five tips I share with my advisees who are beginning their dissertation. Even if you are well into the work, you might find these ideas helpful: 1. Be dissertation mindful. Read, write, and think about your dissertation daily. Schedule … Continue reading

Efficient Dissertation Writing; or, How to Negotiate the A+ Mentality

June 25, 2012

Many learners who reach the dissertation stage struggle with the pursuit of perfection, or what I call the “A+ mentality.” They have a number of personal and professional accomplishments under their belts, including high GPAs. They have received praise from … Continue reading

What Finding Nemo has taught me about dissertation writing

May 14, 2012

I have a two-year-old son. Like many toddlers, he becomes intensely obsessed with things, and by far the biggest obsession these days is the movie Finding Nemo. Fortunately, it’s a nice blend of adult and child humor, so we’ve survived … Continue reading

How should I approach a rewrite of my comprehensive exam?

April 30, 2012

Podcast Description: Some are going to fail the comprehensive exam on their initial attempt. They will, however, have an opportunity and two weeks in which to rewrite the failed portion of the exam using feedback from the readers. Transcript: The … Continue reading