(PODCAST) Faculty member, Dr. John Sullivan Discusses His Career and Passion for Distance Education

August 7, 2015

Capella is offering a new Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program, and I was fortunate to sit down with Capella faculty, Dr. John Sullivan to discuss how this program can benefit professionals in the field. John not only has an impressive career in law enforcement; he also was a member of Capella University’s second graduating class, where he earned his PhD in Organization and Management.

Dr. John Sullivan

Dr. John Sullivan

In the podcast, we discuss John’s career path and his reflections about his time in law enforcement. He started out as a staff sergeant with the U.S. air force before becoming a police office in Kansas and shortly afterwards, a federal agent. John discusses earning his bachelors, masters and ultimately his PhD as a working adult. He talks about his passion for distance education as a scholar-practitioner and he shares his advice for working adults who are going back to school. He has a really interesting story and I hope you enjoy our conversation.


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Capella partners with SAS to deliver MS in Analytics program

August 3, 2015

Sue Talley, Capella’s dean of technology, was recently quoted in an article by the Center for Digital Education on our new MS in Analytics program, which was launched last Thursday.

Sue Talley

The U.S. is facing a critical skills gap in data and analytics, and our nation needs more graduate-level degree programs to meet this demand. Since Capella is 100% online, it is not limited by classroom size and can accommodate more students. Capella’s program is a great fit for adult students, as Sue explains in the article, “We tried to build this for working adults, people who have an interest in analytics but probably would not be able to get into the other analytics programs because of those residency requirements or because of the requirement that they’d have to go to school full time.”

SAS’ CEO, Dr. Jim Goodnight, shared the organization’s dedication to closing the analytics skills gap with the partnership with Capella on his Facebook page here.

Please see the full Center for Digital Education article here, and additional coverage on the program in eCampus News here.

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Capella Alumna Breaks Down Barriers in the NFL

July 31, 2015

Capella PhD in Psychology and MS in Sports Psychology grad, Dr. Jen Welter, just became the first female coach of any kind in the NFL! Jen is one of seven interns hired by the Arizona Cardinals and will be an inside linebackers coach during training camp and the preseason.

Coach Jen Welter, Ph.D.

Coach Jen Welter, Ph.D.

Dr. Welter has had a long career in sports; she played rugby in college and was a linebacker in the Women’s Football Alliance for 14 years, where she helped the Dallas Diamonds win four championships. She played running back and special teams for the Indoor Football League’s Texas Revolution and she became the first woman to coach in a men’s professional football league last year as an assistant coach for the Revolution.

While in her PhD program at Capella, she tailored her studies to focus on sports. “I took everything I learned in psychology and looked for an application to sports and to athletes in general. And I think the biggest thing that most people don’t realize is that athletes are humans too. We see them as players, but we tend to be very bad at looking past the helmet and seeing the people.”

Read the full article in Time. There is also a great article on NBC News.

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FlexPath Graduate Shares Three Tips for Adult Learners in Huffington Post Article

July 29, 2015

For adult students, the path through their educational journey is different than most college students.

Today, the Huffington Post published an article by Capella FlexPath graduate Tim Weiderhoft.

Capella FlexPath graduate, Timothy Weiderhoft

Capella FlexPath graduate, Timothy Weiderhoft

In his article, Timothy suggests three important considerations for adult learners when choosing a degree program. “With the right program, you can actually balance your life and career.” He also discusses Capella’s competency-based model, how his work experience helped him earn a degree, and how his degree has impacted his career. “My bachelor’s degree isn’t just a check on my resume. I benefited from a meaningful educational experience that helped me to refine critical skills, enhance my career knowledge, and grow as a successful manager.”

Read the article here.

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Star Tribune features Executive Dean Dr. Barbara Butts Williams

July 27, 2015

On Sunday, the Star Tribune featured Barbara Butts Williams, Ph.D., Capella’s executive dean, external relations and partnerships and School of Business dean emeritus. Barbara has had an impressive career in workforce development and she is an active civic leader in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Executive Dean of External Relations and School of Business Dean Emeritus Barbara Butts Williams Ph.D.

Executive Dean of External Relations and School of Business Dean Emeritus Barbara Butts Williams Ph.D.

In the article, Barbara talks about her experience in workforce education. She discusses the perception of online learning, “If I was a CEO, the questions I would ask are: Who can provide the best outcome to help our employees succeed, understand our needs and provide an acceptable return on investment? … I seldom today have the conversation about whether it’s online or not.”

She also discusses the Twin Cities, how it has changed over the last 25 years and where she sees areas for growth. “We have a significant achievement gap that we really need to take a look at and use our regional resources to solve.”

Be sure to check out the article here.

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