Webinar: Are we already in a “Cyber-War”? Does it matter?
November 14, 2011 @ 7:00 pm CST

Numerous newspaper and magazine articles, television and Internet reports, and scholarly writings have declared over the past two years that we may already be in a “Cyber War” with other countries and non-country militant movements, which have the potential to wreak havoc on our economic and social infrastructure.

During this web conference, we’ll examine this issue. Is it true? If so, so what? Will our economy collapse? Will the power grid fail? Will chemical plants explode? Is this analogous to nuclear war?

We need to step back and remember that we’ve heard these kinds of arguments before – during the Y2K crisis for instance, which, when it finally occurred, resulted in…..not much.

During this (hopefully lively) discussion, I’ll present an overview of the above issues, and the drivers involved. These include a 24/7 sensation-driven media, which thrives on bad news; a review of the fundamental structure of the Internet, which, for all its flaws, was designed to allow communications survival in the event of nuclear war; as well as the very real challenges posed in a socio-economic environment, which has become vitally dependent on virtual inter-connectedness. All viewpoints will be welcome.

About the Presenter
Dr McClain is an accomplished senior-level Information Systems Security Manager and University Instructor, with 25 years’ experience in Information Systems project innovation, design, programming, management, and teaching. His professional background includes:

Over 15 years of experience with enterprise secure systems design and implementation.

Unique and nonpareil depth and breadth in convergent IT marketing/management focus based on career background in law, general management and finance, and higher education.

Consistently recognized for superior customer service and conflict resolution skills.

Excellence in communicating complex information to technical and non-technical populations.

Ability to conceptualize a pioneering technical vision, and see it through to fruition.