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Webinar: Security Education

Posted on by Mary Brown

Security education is becoming a very important topic at all levels, e.g., government, industry, and especially at academia. Academia needs to become proficient in teaching the future information security leaders, so that they can help to protect the nation. In … Continue reading

Webinar: Security and SCADA Networks

Posted on by Mary Brown

Acquisition (SCADA) systems are widely used by utilities and industries (e.g., electricity, natural gas, gasoline, water, waste treatment, transportation ) critical to a nations infrastructure. Prior to the expansion of technology, SCADA systems were fairly isolated and exposures to threats … Continue reading

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Webinar: Are we already in a Cyber-War? Does It Matter?

Posted on by Mary Brown

November 14th This webinar features a speaker, Dr. Charlie McClain, an accomplished senior-level Information Systems Security Manager and University Instructor.

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New NIST guidance for Biometrics

Posted on by Mary Brown

What is the implication of creating this kind of infrastructure on personal privacy? Are there controls that protect how these new standards can be used in order to prevent misuse or exploitation of these standards? What do you think?

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