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Cloud Computing

Posted on by Dr. Brett Miller

Today the concept of Cloud Computing is all the rage. Below is a link to an interesting article that describes the state of the economy playing a large role in its increase. While the benefits are understood, what impact does … Continue reading

Hiring outlook for Information Security Analysts

Posted on by Dr. Steven Brown

In case you may have missed this, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that the market for information security analysts, web developers, and computer network architects is projected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020….  

Worst Data breaches of 2012 – so far

Posted on by Dr. Steven Brown

Interesting article on the “worst data breaches” so far to date. .Also interesting is that the more these attacks happen, the less we know about them due to no national reporting requirements. The Senate had taken up the Cybersecurity Act … Continue reading

Domain Awareness System

Posted on by Mary Brown

The NYPD has announced that they have joined together with Microsoft in the implementation of an integrated surveillance system known as the ‘domain awareness system’. The system is capable of integrating large numbers of inputs into a single presentation and … Continue reading

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Is the Cloud at Risk

Posted on by Dr. Steven Brown

Interesting development with the Apple exploit and the issue with cloud storage, but not just Apple, Google, Amazon, etc., its a very interesting read on the issue with inference, and how many small pieces of data can lead to a … Continue reading

Webinar: Identity and Access Control in a BYOD World – IAS Monthly Series

Posted on by Mansour Sharha

You are cordially invited to the Information Assurance Security monthly talk. For this event, we are pleased to have a speaker joining us from Cisco Systems who is also authoring books around this subject. Please join us for this exciting … Continue reading