ISC2 is offering a scholarship in IAS for those who have served in the military.  Here is the criteria to qualify:

  • Applicant Qualifications:
  1. Honorably discharged from one of the five branches of the United States Military
    (Supply copy of DD214 short form)
  2. End service date must be between 7/1/2008 and 7/1/2013
  3. Worked at any of the following levels: IAT I, IAT II, or IAM I. (Note: holding a certification within those levels does not prohibit an applicant from applying for this program. This program is designed to assist returning service people to “train up” to the SSCP, CISSP, CAP or CSSLP certifications)
    3a. Performed 5 or more of the tasks listed on the attached spreadsheet as part of their
    military duties
    3b. All 5 tasks do not have to be within the same technical level
  4. Possess work experience as required by the certification the applicant is seeking (attach resume: see specific instructions in F1 of application)
  5. Submit to a background check if awarded a U.S.A. Cyber Warrior Scholarship
  6. Must complete education and exam no later than 12 months from the time the scholarship is awarded at the end of October 2013.

If you meet the criteria and are interested, you can apply at: