ISACA Webinar – Sponsored by Capella

DATE: March 27th
TIME: 11:00 Central
TITLE:  Data-Driven Security – Using “Big Data” to Protect the Enterprise                                                                     
SPEAKER: Pete Lindstrom, Principal, Spire Security, LLC
ABSTRACT: Data – big, small, or the perfect size for Goldilocks – is revolutionizing the way we think about security. For some, it provides a way to identify risky behavior or activity and react quickly, with an opportunity for fewer false positives. To others, it represents a change in paradigms as they shift from a preventive model to one that strives for resilience. In all cases, the term can be ambiguous or hollow as people miscommunicate with each other about their needs and interests.
This webcast will drill down into all of the different flavors of “big data.” It will identify the sources and types of data that may be brought to bear on problems, the outputs and actions that are possible with a big data program, and the steps needed to get to a robust, data-driven security program.
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An on-demand recording will also be available after the live event has occurred.