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SocINDEX has fine features

What can I say about our new database SocINDEX except, for Human Services topics, it’s a thing of beauty? Here’s a bit more detail. Best features of SocINDEX with Full Text: Fantastic results for all topics remotely related to sociology and human services (including “sexuality and middle adulthood.” HS FirstCourse learners: hint, hint.) 19,300 term […]

Process? What process?

Research papers or projects do not usually include a discussion of the research process. Instead research is suppose to be a secretive, solo slog through the dusty Library (…true there isn’t as much dust in the computer age). Research is suppose to be about pain and suffering. Before the Internet that the pain was from […]

Lexis Nexis has Changed

You may have noticed that Lexis Nexis looks very different these days. They updated their interface, which has reorganized how you access their resources. Lexis Nexis was already one of the harder databases to search, and there are plenty of confusing things in the new version. Here are a few hints that may help you […]