September 21st, 2007

Process? What process?

scrible.jpgResearch papers or projects do not usually include a discussion of the research process. Instead research is suppose to be a secretive, solo slog through the dusty Library (…true there isn’t as much dust in the computer age). Research is suppose to be about pain and suffering. Before the Internet that the pain was from trying to get illusive sources from far flung places. Today the pain is usually around trying to make the technology work or having way too much material and not knowing where or how to stop researching. Many people have very interesting research processes that we could all learn from, but how can we share it? The University of Rochester Libraries hired an anthropologist to study what students do to complete their papers. As part of this long term study they gave students paper and markers and asked them to draw out their research and paper-writing process. What does yours look like??

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Carlson, S. (August 17, 2007) An Anthropologist in the Library. Chronicle of Higher Education. 53 (50) pg. A26. Retrieved September 20, 2007 at




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