November 13th, 2007

Unbiased Information for Controversial Topics

Have you tried CQ Researcher yet? CQ Researcher is one of our newly added Library databases and it contains comprehensive, unbiased reports on important issues. The reports have a bunch of cool components, such as a timeline outlining the history of the issue, a pro/con section arguing both sides of the issue, citations to additional resources for further research, and much more. It also will link to other related reports.

CQ Researcher has several searching options. You can do a quick search with keywords or phrases or you can try the “browse topics” or “issue tracker” to drill down to reports on a particular topic.

All you need to do to access CQ Researcher is head over to Databases A-Z, which features the complete list of subscribed databases.

CQ Researcher



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Time July 25, 2008 at 3:43 pm

[…] Opposing Views is a new website that pits “experts” from opposite sides of an issue against each other. For instance “Universal Healthcare?” pits the Physicians for a National Health Program against Pacific Research Institute. My favorite part of the debates are the Evidence sections, where they have to support their views with outside sources. (For a more robust version of this kind of service, see our CQResearcher database, which Sommer wrote about back in November.) […]

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