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Minnesota Association for Continuing Adult Education (MACAE)

Robin and I had a good time presenting at the MACAE Annual Conference on Friday, Nov. 9. Our talk was titled, Raising your Web 2.0 IQ. We demonstrated a few of our favorite Web 2.0 technologies and talked about how they are applicable to adult learners. If you are interested, feel free to take a […]

New Education Resources: ERIC and ProQuest Education Journals

The past few months have brought many great new resources for doing research in education to the Capella Library. First, the library has a new version of the ERIC (Education Resource Information Center) database. The important change in this version of ERIC, is that you can see if the Capella Library has the article you […]

Information Overload

I am feeling a little overloaded these days. I read an interesting post about the idea of information overload is it a problem or an opportunity. Here is a quote from the post: “We have for the first time an economy based on a key resource [information] that is not only renewable, but self-generating. Running […]