December 4th, 2007

Google Scholar and Full text @ Capella Library

Google ScholarHave you used Google Scholar? Google works with publishers, universities, professional societies and digital repositories to gain access to material traditional search engines do not index including books, articles, pre-prints, technical reports and more. It searches a subset of scholarly literature in all fields thus it should be used as a tool to supplement searching in the Library databases.


• May help to find seminal authors as results are ranked by relevance and “cited by”. Be sure to verify the quality of results using your textbooks, the library databases, and other sources.
• Use “Cited by” link to find works that cite that article or book.
• Easy to use


• Uneven coverage in social sciences and other disciplines. Better coverage in hard sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) and technology in which their publications are more open.
• Unknown coverage. Google will not tell exactly which sources are covered by Google ScholarTM thus this search does NOT replace searches in Capella Library databases.
• Ranking of results still under development. Outdated results may be at the top.

How can I see the full text available in the Capella Library from Google Scholar?
To make the most of Google Scholar you can set your preferences to recognize when full text is available in the CapellaLibrary.

1.) Go to Google Scholar (
2.) Click on Scholar Preferences on the right side of the search box
3.) Search for “Capella” in the Library Links search box.
4.) Add a check to the Capella University – Full-Text @ Capella box. Click Save Preferences.
5.) From now on, when you do a search you will see items marked Full Text @ Capella. This means the Capella Library has full text to that journal. Click the link and double

Tip: You can search Journal Locator with the journal title if you do not want to set your preferences to see if full text is available.

Learn more at Google Scholar and the Capella Library

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Comment from Louise Harvey
Time July 30, 2009 at 7:44 pm

I am searching for a peer-view,full-text articles on Autism, Autism Spectrum or Children with Autism. I want to do a research paper on this disorder. any information will help me out.
Thank you very much.

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