January 4th, 2008

Young Adults Using Libraries in Lieu of Google

While many are still flocking to Google to do their research, a new study shows young adults have discovered Google has its shortcomings. Due to copyright restrictions and a plethora of low-quality resources, Google often doesn’t have the final answer.

Christopher Dawson, a blogger for ZDNet, cited a new study featured on CNN that found young adults are actually using libraries, and how libraries are changing as copyrighted information is more readily available in an electronic format in library databases:

Young adults are actually using libraries by ZDNet‘s Christopher Dawson — Just when you thought us aging Gen-Xers and our Generation iPod successors had given up on anything other than Google and Sparknotes, a new study was featured on CNN.com suggesting three things: Young adults actually use libraries, The role of libraries is evolving in an increasingly digital world, and Demographics, rather than Internet access alone, dictate how and […]

While attending graduate school for my Masters in Library & Information Science I often heard: “But everything is available on the Internet for free, nobody really needs libraries or librarians anymore.” But that attitude seems to be shifting. Many are looking for more credible and reliable information that can’t always be found for free on the Internet.

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