January 9th, 2008

New PsycBOOK Titles – Winter 2007

PsycBOOKS (on Databases A-Z) added the following titles in November. Of the titles added, 4 were APA books and 10 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

  1. Counseling the procrastinator in academic settings, by Schouwenburg, Henri C.; Lay, Clarry H.; Pychyl, Timothy A.; Ferrari, Joseph R., © 2004

  1. Measuring up: Educational assessment challenges and practices for psychology, by Dunn, Dana S.; Mehrotra, Chandra M.; Halonen, Jane S., © 2004

  1. Psychological assessment of adult posttraumatic states: Phenomenology, diagnosis, and measurement (2nd ed.), by Briere, John, © 2004

  1. Taxometrics: Toward a new diagnostic scheme for psychopathology, by Schmidt, Norman B.; Kotov, Roman; Joiner, Thomas E. Jr., © 2004

Classic Books

  1. Behavior of the lower organisms, by
    Jennings, H. S., © 1906

  1. Child behavior: A critical and experimental study of young children by the method of conditioned reflexes, by Mateer,
    ), © 1917

  1. Course in experimental psychology, A , by Sanford, Edmund C., © 1894

  1. Diagnostic psychological testing, Vol. 1, by Rapaport, David; Gill, Merton; Schafer, Roy., © 1945

  1. Pain, pleasure, and aesthetics: An essay concerning the psychology of pain and pleasure, with special reference to aesthetics, by Marshall, Henry Rutgers, © 1894

  1. Psychology in business relations, by Snow, A. J., © 1925

  1. Psychology in business relations (2nd ed.), by Snow, A. J., © 1925

  1. Psychotherapy of schizophrenia, A: Direct analysis, by Scheflen, Albert E., © 1961

  1. Talks to teachers on psychology—and to students on some of life’s ideals, by James, William, © 1899

  1. Varieties of human value, by Morris, Charles , © 1956

To read any of these ebook go to the Databases A-Z page. Scroll down to PsycBOOKS and type in the title.

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