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Why can’t you find that dissertation?

I remember when my father finished his dissertation. He had a couple copies bound: one for the University library and another for home. The family celebrated by buying our first color television (it was the mid ’80s . . . we were a bit behind the times). It was the exciting culmination of years of […]

Quick clicks to books @ your local libraries

I like free tools where I can instantly see how they make my life simpler. Here are a couple that quickly help you see if a book is available at your local library (adding on to the LibCat post) . 1.) Go to Type in your title, author or keywords and click search. […]

Using Web 2.0 to connect and humanize

This short article gives some good rational of using Web 2.0 technologies (such as this blog) to connect to users. I think this is true whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small business, a library, a professor, a non-profit, or any person/group who provides a product or service. Allowing your users to see […]

Have a bit of time?

The time between quarters can be a good time to explore the resources available to you as a Capella learner. Two great places to start are the: AND Use this time to build skills and become familiar with tools that will be useful and save you time during your research and writing courses. -KateP

Professional Growth After Graduation

As a professional it’s a good practice to keep up with the current trends, new developments and research within your field. There are several ways you can maintain and increase your knowledge long after you earn your degree. Joining professional organizations is an excellent strategy. They usually provide periodic newsletters with membership and host conferences […]

Libcat: A Guide to Library Resources on the Internet

Are you looking for a local library to supplement your research in the Capella University Library? Libcat is a great place to start! It includes a list of links to government, academic, public, and other libraries for each state, so you may be able to find a library near you. If you’re not sure about […]

Literature Reviews

Do you ever feel like if you were a librarian, searching for resources for your literature review for your dissertation would “a piece of cake”. Well think again, in addition to being a librarian I am also working on the first draft of my proposal for my dissertation. I am in the midst of my […]

Hello from the Windy City

Are you in Chicago at Colloquia? Stop by the Library/Writing Center for a one-on-one appointment with a librarian. Also attend one of the Library sessions. -KateP

Skills Check: Reading Citations

Since we get many calls and emails on this topic–let’s have a quick lesson. So, let’s say you find a citation on the Internet or in a list of references and you want to get the item in full text in the Library. Step 1. What is it? Use the examples below to help decode […]

New articles on Wikipedia

Badke, W. (March/April 2008). What to do with Wikipedia. Information Today. 32 (2)Retrieved March 7, 2008 from “Banning Wikipedia from the academic world doesn’t work either. It doesn’t prevent students from using it secretly (or plagiarizing from it), plus it helps further the anti-academic subculture. We need to be aware that academia is primarily […]