April 28th, 2008

News on academic libraries


For those of you who just can’t get enough about libraries here is something more for your reading pleasure….

The Guardian newspaper in the UK recently published a special section on Academic Libraries.

“The Google Generation Report… found young people lacking in critical and analytical skills. Libraries are well placed to serve their needs as library staff become enablers assisting with online research and information literacy. We examine the migration of resources and services to the web, which is freeing up libraries to take on new roles such as providing venues for exhibitions and conferences and promoting e-learning, social networking and study support.”

  • Academia’s big guns fight ‘Google effect’
    Academic search engines may be more discriminating than their commercial counterparts, but they often lack user-friendliness.
  • No paper required
    Despite initially being sneered at, the e-book is gaining popularity. Is this the dawn of the bookless library?
  • Meet the ‘information brokers’
    A combination of new technology and shifting student expectations is radically altering the job of the librarian. What do librarians themselves see as their role in the new digital era?


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