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Books in Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete has a wide selection of books: over 800. With most focused on very practical business issues, you’ll see titles such as: Action Research in Organizations A-Z of Employment Law Key Events & Lessions for Managers in a Diverse Workforce Social Responsibility of Business Twenty-Two Ways to Develop Leadership in Staff Managers Unlike […]

Searching for an Author’s Works

When doing academic research, you may find yourself searching for works by a particular author. There are several reasons you’d want to do this: Learn more about the topic from an established expert or seminal author. Develop an understanding of an author’s change in opinions or interest over time. Learn what journals publish in an […]

New Ebooks in NetLibrary

We’ve added a few popular titles to the NetLibrary ebook database! These were all added due to popular demand: Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach Think Good, Feel Good: A Cognitive Behavior Therapy Workbook for Children and Young People Evidence Based Coaching Handbook; Putting Best Practices to Work for your Clients Becoming an Ethical Helping […]

Having trouble organizing your citations? Try RefWorks!

As you accumulate research from quarter to quarter, especially if you’re working towards a dissertation, you might find it’s difficult to keep track of the research you have used. I spoke with one learner at a recent colloquia who described a complex system of labeled shoe boxes in her dining room. The boxes were filled […]

Heading to the Phoenix Colloquium?

The library is packing up and getting ready to take our “show on the road” in Phoenix. If you too will be at the Phoenix Colloquium, consider adding one of our informative sessions to your agenda. Is this your first Colloquium or you have you had some difficulties using the Capella’s online library? Check out […]

Is the Web Nothing But Google and Wikipedia?

According to Hitwise, Google recently hit a new high in terms of search engine traffic. In May 2008 over 68% of all searches in the United States were done using Google. Yahoo placed a very distant second with just under 20%. Frequent users of Google have probably noticed that at the top of nearly every […]

Electronic Form the Norm?

Erin’s post last week brought up some interesting issues about ebooks and availability. I came across a blog post on the same day by Christopher Dawson, of ZDNET Education, about Steven Ballmer’s (Microsoft CEO) recent comments about all types of media going online in an electronic format. Print a thing of the past…in the near […]

And What About the Books?

Books are never far from a scholar’s hands, just as songs are never far from a singer’s lips. – Chinese Proverb I got that quotation from a “book:” The Columbia World of Quotations from 1996, to be exact, but I didn’t go to a shelf to find it. Instead I went online and snagged it […]

Essential Library Searching Tips

There are definite themes that emerge in the questions from new library researchers. (I’m the reference librarian embedded in the Psychology FirstCourses, which means I participate in a week of discussion every month, giving tips to new learners.) Other times, learners may ask whether there are any essential tips that I can offer for people […]

Finding/Identifying Peer Reviewed Articles

Many learners contact the library asking how to find peer reviewed articles or how to determine if an article they found is from a peer reviewed journal. What is “peer review?” From the library’s PDF guide What are Peer-reviewed Articles & How do I Find Them? Peer Review is defined as “…a process where an […]