June 4th, 2008

Essential Library Searching Tips

There are definite themes that emerge in the questions from new library researchers. (I’m the reference librarian embedded in the Psychology FirstCourses, which means I participate in a week of discussion every month, giving tips to new learners.)

Other times, learners may ask whether there are any essential tips that I can offer for people just starting out at Capella.

Here are the first two below:

  • Too Many? Too Few? — What do you do if you get too many or too few results? This video will show you some good strategies for fixing your article results.
  • Company vs. Collection — Many people make the mistake of saying they searched “EBSCO” or “ProQuest.” I can understand why, because that’s the huge logo at the top of the database screen, but it’s misleading. Pay attention to the name of the database that you click on in the Databases A-Z list. That will tell you the name of the article collection that you are searching. (This is sort of like how a Ford Taurus looks very different than a Ford Excursion. EBSCO and ProQuest are just the companies that provide the article collections. If you are searching inside an Ebscohost database, you are likely searching only one of a dozen possible collections.) Knowing the database name will also ensure that you have the right information in your APA citations.

What do you think? Are there library tips you wish you knew earlier? I’ll post more tips next week.

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– Erika


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