June 25th, 2008

Searching for an Author’s Works

When doing academic research, you may find yourself searching for works by a particular author. There are several reasons you’d want to do this:

  • Learn more about the topic from an established expert or seminal author.
  • Develop an understanding of an author’s change in opinions or interest over time.
  • Learn what journals publish in an author’s area of interest.
  • Find alternative articles when the one you want is not available.

While it can be difficult to pull together a comprehensive list, there are many different ways you can go about finding works by an author:

  1. Look for a website devoted to the author’s publications. Many authors have websites where they post lists of their publications or a copy of their CV. Use Journal Locator or Interlibrary Loan to get the full text.
  2. Search Google Scholar using the author’s name. Google Scholar typically uses the author’s first and middle initials, followed by the last name. Use Journal Locator or Interlibrary Loan to get the full text.
  3. googleauthor.jpg

  4. Search the library databases. An author’s works may be split among several databases, so check more than one. Be sure to change the field you are searching to Author.

FYI: the author’s name may also appear in several different forms, so you may want to search using each of the following:

  • Lastname, Firstname Middlename
  • Lastname, Firstname M.
  • Lastname, F. M.



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