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There are no articles on my topic!

We often get calls from learners who have been searching a Library database for articles on their topic and are getting few or no results. When that happens it is usually for one of two reasons: you are using the wrong words to describe your topic or you are in the wrong database. One tool […]

Are You Using Too Many Books?

When many people think of research, they automatically think of books. They’re big, packed with information, and fill library shelves. But as you work on your degree at Capella, you may find yourself using very few of them. This isn’t just because it’s hard for your Capella librarians to get ebooks to sit upright on […]

Checkbox = Peer Review?

Some eagle-eyed First Course learners remarked that PsychARTICLES and the Sage databases don’t have a scholarly articles limiter checkbox. (For some background on this option, see our media piece: What are Peer Reviewed Articles and How Do I Find Them?) The reason that Sage and PsycARTICLES don’t have the checkbox is that their material is […]


I just LOVE journal and search alerts. Just this morning I was pleasantly surprised by most recent article on the subject of libary anxiety in my Google Reader! How COOL is that! Ok maybe you are not interested in the topic of library anxiety, but what topics are you interested in? What journals? Everyday I […]

Primarily Need Primary Resources?

The higher you go with your education, the more likely it is that you’ll be using primary resources for your research. By the time you are working on a dissertation, you may be using primary resources exclusively. Primary sounds important, but what does it really mean? Primary resources come up a lot in some fields, […]

Is Nationalist Arrogance Messing Up Your Search?

Okay, so I got your attention with that title. It’s not really like that, but there is a kernel of truth to the question: it can be very hard to limit your library search to articles that focus on the United States. It was a question that came up several times at the Dallas colloquium. […]

RefWorks Gets Applause in Dallas

You may have seen the RefWorks email from the library or mentions of it in this blog. Still, many learners who came to the Dallas colloquium weren’t sure what RefWorks could do for them. We knew there’d be a lot of questions about RefWorks, so we had a librarian devoted just to RefWorks come with […]

Hello from the Dallas Colloquium!

Some of the Library staff are “on the road” this week in hot… hot… hot Dallas! We of course are in a lovely air conditioned hotel and very busy teaching Library sessions, visiting cohorts and meeting one-on-one with Learners (its so nice to meet people in-person!) So why would you want to schedule a 20 […]