August 21st, 2008


I just LOVE journal and search alerts. Just this morning I was pleasantly surprised by most recent article on the subject of libary anxiety in my Google Reader! How COOL is that!

Ok maybe you are not interested in the topic of library anxiety, but what topics are you interested in? What journals? Everyday I get an alert for the most recent issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education sent to my email, so I can keep up on what others in the field of higher education are doing.

So is this some “special” service that just librarians can get? No journal and search alerts are available to everyone at Capella through the Library databases. Here is a link to a one page guide that shows you how to set one up: Journal and Search Alerts.

So would you like the Table of Contents of the most recent issue of a particular journal or the most recent articles for a search on your topic to come into your email or reader? The Capella librarians would love to help you set an alert up!

Share with others what your experience has been with journal and search alerts.

Let us know if you have set one up!


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