August 26th, 2008

Are You Using Too Many Books?

When many people think of research, they automatically think of books. They’re big, packed with information, and fill library shelves. But as you work on your degree at Capella, you may find yourself using very few of them.

This isn’t just because it’s hard for your Capella librarians to get ebooks to sit upright on a shelf.

As you progress to higher degrees, books will be less likely to meet your research needs. In fact, by the time you’re working on a doctoral degree, you may be using scholarly journal articles almost exclusively.

This is because scholarly journals:

  • are published faster than most books.
  • often contain peer-reviewed articles.
  • provide literature reviews in the field.
  • cover single, specific research studies.

Books are still a great resource for research, but they do have their place. Once you have developed a real understanding of your field, you may no longer need the general summaries that books often provide.

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– Erin

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