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Keywords – They Ain’t All That.

I keep getting calls asking for “the right” keywords for a topic, like I, the Wise and Powerful Librarian can grant the perfect phrases that will find the one article that matches your assignment perfectly. 🙂 While I am honored at the presumption, I feel like an extended series on different search strategies might be […]

Looking for a Particular Test or Measure?

Are you looking for a test or a measure to conduct your dissertation research? One Library database you should check is the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY), sometimes faculty or others may refer to this databases as Buros . This database has reviews which include the history, validity, reliability, publisher, cost and other information of many […]

The Librarian as Spy

One of the best things about going to colloquia is hearing learners talk about researching. I get to be a kind of “spy,” listening in as you talk about the tools you use and the problems you face when searching. Only a portion of learners contact us with a reference question, so this is my […]

Digital books: printed and bound?

Many of us love the accessibility of the digital book (or ebook, as we often call them). No hunting the stacks or taking a trip to a far-away library. Just a few keystrokes and there it is. But then you’ve got to read them. That’s where the digital book starts to break down. They’re just […]

Library “lessons” in Atlanta…..

Capella Librarians are leaving soon for the Atlanta Colloquium which begins this weekend. If you are going you may want to plan on attending one one of the following sessions: Finding Scholarly Articles & Books for Track 1 and Track 2 learners. Sunday at 1:45pm and Monday at 11:00am. Advanced Searching & Finding Dissertations for […]

The Web’s Getting a Little (mis)Dated

When the web first became a household word in the 1990s, dates weren’t all that important. The web was so new that everything on it must be new, too. Early in the 2000s dates weren’t all that important, either. Old sites looked, well, old fashioned. It was easy to pick out a website that had […]

Constitution Day!

September 17 was made Constitution Day in 2004, creating a day for everyone to learn about the U.S. Constitution. In celebration, I’m going to present a few government resources (digital, but still very wordy) that may be useful for research. First, the Government Printing Office is responsible for making available government information from all three […]

Read This Before Clicking FORWARD on that Email!

A recent article from the BBC News stated: “The internet needs a way to help people separate rumour from real science…” I have a strong doubt we will ever achieve an ideal, factual Internet, so in the meantime we’ll need to continue to use critical thought and evaluative skills to ensure the information we come […]

Calling the Library

I’m always surprised when I get a call from a learner and the first thing they do is apologize for “bothering” me. Nonsense – calls from learners are usually the best, most productive part of my day. They are and SHOULD be the focus of why the Library exists. Most learners call the Library after […]

Things to Do Between Quarters

With Quarter 3 ending and a few weeks before Quarter 4 starts up, there’s a bit of time to spend on things other than assignments. I know a lot of you have already filled up those free hours, doing things like cleaning house, catching up on sleep, or reintroducing yourself to your family. If you […]