September 11th, 2008

Things to Do Between Quarters

With Quarter 3 ending and a few weeks before Quarter 4 starts up, there’s a bit of time to spend on things other than assignments. I know a lot of you have already filled up those free hours, doing things like cleaning house, catching up on sleep, or reintroducing yourself to your family.

If you can take an hour or two away from those worthy tasks, there are some library-related activities that can help prepare you for next quarter.

  1. Get acquainted with an important journal in your field. Journal and Book Locator can help you find recent issues of major journals. Take some time to scan through the tables of contents of recent issues and read an article or two. This will keep you up-to-date on the field and help you pick topics to research the next time you have a paper to write.
  2. Try out a new library resource. It’s easy to stick to the same database every assignement when you’re pressed for time. Spend ten minutes playing in a new database, so you’ll be ready to use it quickly and efficiently in the future.
  3. Learn a new research skill. Take a look at the library’s list of guides and tutorials. We’ve created some advanced research guides for doctoral learners, so there may be new skills you can add to your arsenal.
  4. Read recreationally. Go to your public library. Read a magazine. Pick up a novel. Reading for pleasure keeps your brain working while still relaxing and having fun.

We’ll still be answering questions for anyone who’s still in courses during the rest of September. If you’ve got some time off between now and the beginning of October, be sure you enjoy it!

– Erin

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