September 25th, 2008

Looking for a Particular Test or Measure?

Are you looking for a test or a measure to conduct your dissertation research? One Library database you should check is the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY), sometimes faculty or others may refer to this databases as Buros . This database has reviews which include the history, validity, reliability, publisher, cost and other information of many published instruments. However, I know it can be frustrating to learners that it does not let you view a copy of instrument. Also there may not be a published instrument that measures your interest.

So what do you do at that point?

When this occurs I often direct learners to another Library database Dissertations & Theses Full text. In this database you could search for dissertations that used the instrument, most dissertations require a copy of the instrument is included in the appendix of the dissertation. You could also check the publishers Web site they may have a copy of the instrument .

Also if you don’t find a published instrument in the MMY database, you may find an unpublished instrument in a dissertation. Unpublished instruments would require permission of the author of the dissertation (or the person who created the instrument) to use in your dissertation.

Any instrument you use or create is of course subject to the approval of your mentor and the Institutional Review Board Process.

Need some help finding a test or measure for your dissertation? Call or email the Capella Librarians, we would be happy to help you use the resources mentioned above, or perhaps suggest other resources.



Comment from Erika
Time September 26, 2008 at 9:45 am

There’s always one more trick up the sleeve when I’m looking a survey that has been published full-text somewhere:

“Tests and measures in the Social Sciences ( from the University of Texas at Austin is an extensive bibliography of titles that include actual tests and measures. The searchable guide contains a list of print books that include specific instruments. Since the Capella Library has few of these texts click on the link that says “Available in a library near you” and type in your zip code to find a local library with the book. You can also request the book through Capella Library Interlibrary Loan.”

This is from our Finding Tests and Measures Guide:

– Erika

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